Sunday, October 10, 2010

Sunday night bleeehs.

I have a list of good topics to write about, but I don't feel like writing any of them at the moment. I'm feeling very blah this evening. Earlier today, I went for a great walk in the sunshine through Finsbury Park, found a shopping center with some great shops in it on the other side of the park, and than meandered around the park perimeter on my walk back home. I got an amazing new reusable shopping bag (strangely, one of the things I miss the most are my well-worn and stained Trader Joe's bags that I used for everything) with a peacock on it that says "I am naturally handsome." I'm not really sure why it says that, but who can argue? 

Most days, I feel generally good. I've been having anxiety when I sleep. I wake up with an anxious stir most mornings, and it is not pleasant. I know it just takes time. I know this. But today is just really making me wish I were in Philly in pajamas on a familiar couch. Though, I often got blah on Sunday nights in Philly, too, so maybe I should just shut up and get over it already. I will feel better tomorrow? I will feel better tomorrow. 



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