Sunday, September 12, 2010


I'm all packed, and our visas are both approved. Just waiting for John's to arrive, hopefully tomorrow. At this point, we plan to fly out on Tuesday night. Then we have three days and the weekend to extensively flat-hunt, and then I start work on Monday! Insane. I hope I don't suck at my new job. 

We're currently watching our last bits of Sunday Night Football. From now on, the night games will start around 1am our time. McNabb looks weird in a Redskins uniform. 

I'm nervous about finding a place, but have resigned myself to heading to my first day of work directly from the hostel. That will be...subversive? Disgusting? Will report back from the other side. 

It has been amazing spending time with the people we love over the past couple of weeks. It has totally affirmed that we are surrounded by so much love and support and, really, that we have amazing taste in good people and have been fortunate enough to trick them into spending time with us. I'm really starting to get sentimental about missing everyone. I don't think it will fully hit me until I arrive in the UK. The internet makes things easier, no doubt. In the meantime, I'm trying to stay in denial until everything that needs to be done is done. "No tears 'til London" is the new "no sleep 'til Brooklyn."

My debit card and cheque book arrived. My PIN and account info is following it in the mail. That's annoying. I hope the account will be good enough for my company to pay me, because the fake money mentality we're employing to make it through the next month cannot go on indefinitely. 

Dallas just lost to the Redskins! That feels great. 

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