Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Oh, Sainsbury's self check-out. We've had some great times so far and you have always been there me during my short stint as an expat. Why, oh why, do you not accept my freaking 20 pence coins?

This is just an example shot from the internet. But do you see the date on those coins? 1982. WHY DOES YOUR MACHINE NOT RECOGNIZE THEM AS BRITISH CURRENCY?! You made me look like a fool when all I wanted to do was buy my yoghurt and honey probiotic "thickie" (it was good. First time trying it.) and some fruit and salad for lunch. I had to get my bag all spread eagle on the scale/scanner part of your machine, which caused it to keep telling me to wait for assistance because I was putting unrecognized items on the scanner. I refused to use my debit card for the remaining 49 pence. You get your life straightened out, immediately, Sainsbury's. I only want to love you.

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