Sunday, August 22, 2010

A Typical Anxiety-Ridden Sunday

This is my second to last Sunday working as a Graduate Research Assistant at the library at Moore College of Art & Design. It has been an amazing opportunity to make some extra money and do any research on jobs and, lately, on moving to London.

Currently, the most anxiety-inducing things on my list are:
1. I need to be out of my current apartment by August 31st. I'm hoping to move everything out on Friday and clean whenever possible so I can hand the keys to the landlord on Monday. Since I'm (hopefully--visa pending) moving abroad, I'm getting rid of all of my furniture. And sadly, my little guinea pig. I don't want to drop him at an already-crowded shelter, but it's looking probable. Sad face.
2. Getting a bank account. I applied with Barclay's for an international account but am worried about the minimum salary requirements. If they go by the salary for my new job, I qualify. If they take into consideration my current salary, I do not. I think I'll call tomorrow and bug them again. Me and Chloe at Barclay's are BFF these days, and I need to change my address, either way.
3. Visa. I'm being sponsored for an intracompany transfer under Tier 2. I should be okay, but can't help fret about it, anyways.
4. Timing! I am begging all of the gods in the ether to make it so Boyfriend and I can travel and apartment-hunt together. If we can't... well, at least it will make for some interesting writing, no?
5. Getting out of my cell phone plan. Good thing I re-signed for a two year contract TWO DAYS before getting offered the job in London. Apparently it's nearly impossible to avoid the $350 @#@$%)$#%&#$*)#@&* early termination fee. Am considering telling them I've been deployed, since that appears to be the only get out of jail free card. But I can't really prove that. Maybe I can convince a customer service rep that Elsevier is a secret branch of the military? We used to deal arms, you know.

All of the expat blogs I've been reading have helped me tremendously. I know it's normal to freak out the way I've been freaking out. I just. GAH.

I just shrug sometimes and hope I'm doing everything correctly. I suppose the visa is the most important thing at this point. Once that is in my hands, everything else can hopefully be figured out.

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