Friday, October 21, 2011

Wow, I just stopped writing here, huh?

I promise that one day I will wish I kept this blog more up to date with tales of our travels and life in England. Here's a tidbit from today, and from every day:
When the 29 bus is the first one to arrive at my bus stop in the morning, I will always let it pass and wait for the 253 unless I'm running extremely late. Why is it always filled with crazy tramps??? I'm assuming it's because you can basically get on the bus without paying as it's a bendy bus with entrances towards the back, but TFL is doing away with that system at the end of 2011! Happy new year, indeed! I hope this means I get more upper deck window seats.

Speaking of buses, today I will attempt to make John carry a pumpkin home from Sainsburys after many pints of beer. Pumpkin on the bus! I don't know why this is so amusing, but it is.

Last night, a friend invited us to a somewhat interactive comedy show called Office Party and it was fantastic.

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